Free Wedding Invitation QR Code Generator

Use our free online tool to add a QR code to your wedding invitation, and direct guests to a website with more information.

By Forevermore Staff  |  Last Updated: 8 November 2022

How to create a QR code for wedding invitations

We’ve made it super easy, just follow these steps:

  1. In above field labeled ‘Website Address (URL)’, enter the website you want to use.
  2. If you want to customize the colors, click the boxes next to ‘Light Color’ and ‘Dark Color’. This will open a color picker.
  3. When you’re done, click ‘Download QR Code
  4. An image file will be downloaded to your browser. You can drag this file into your graphics program when you create your wedding invitation.

What are QR codes & how do they work?

QR codes are scannable barcodes that redirect users to a website providing additional information. They can be customized by changing the color, or by adding graphics to the center, or around the outside of the QR code.

Your wedding guests use the camera on their phone to scan the QR code printed on their wedding invitation or save the date card, and be directed to a wedding website with further details on your wedding. Of course it doesn’t need to be a wedding website, it could be a link to a Google Map, a PDF file, a YouTube video, and more.

One of the many surprising things to come from the pandemic was the explosion in popularity of QR codes. They appeared in restaurant menus, brochures, billboards and TV ads. In a 2021 survey, it found 45 percent of respondents used a QR code in the last three months. With QR code scanning now built-in to nearly all new phones, this trend looks set to continue.

QR code being scanned on a wedding invitation

Why use a QR code on your wedding invite?

Let your guests easily RSVP

The most common use-case for a wedding invitation QR code is to share your wedding website, and allow guests to RSVP. When you sign up for a free wedding website from Forevermore, you’ll be able to download a QR code easily from within the app. For all other wedding website builders, you can add your website address to the URL field above.

Share the venue location using Google Maps

One of the more popular uses of a QR code on a wedding invitation card is to share the exact location of the wedding venue. Google Maps makes it easy, just find the location, click ‘Share’ and then ‘Copy Link’. You can then paste the link to the QR code generator.

Showcase your pre-wedding video

Some couples choose to record a pre-wedding video, usually with the help of a videographer. It’s a bit like the movie trailer to your wedding. If that’s not your style, you could show off your pre-wedding photos as a video slideshow with some favorite music. Simply upload to YouTube and generate a QR code linking to your video.

Link to your wedding’s Instagram hashtag

Hashtags are a quick way to let your wedding guests share photos of your celebration. Just make sure the hashtag you choose is unique and has not been used before.

Let your guests add your event to their calendar

Google Calendar is a widely-used service you can use to share your wedding event with your guests and add it to their personal calendars. Once you’ve created your event in Google Calendar, open it, click ‘More Actions’, and select ‘Publish event’ to get a link you can paste in the URL field of the QR code generator.

Add a thank you video

If you are sending out Thank You cards after the wedding, you might want to consider recording a special video message thanking your wedding guests. It puts a unique spin on the traditional Thank You card, and lets you get more personal than you can with the typical written thank you message.

Create a digital wedding program, itinerary or food menu

There are a multitude of ways to create a digital wedding program for your guests. The video below uses their own Etsy shop to demonstrate how to download and customize a PDF template that is shown to guests who scan a QR code on their wedding invitation or on the welcome board located at the wedding venue. By using Adobe Reader, it’s possible to edit the PDF template to add your own details. If you require further customization, you can try using the free design tools and templates at Canva to make this a breeze.

Where to put a QR code on a wedding invitation

QR codes are typically shown at the bottom of wedding invitations, or on the back page. They are usually displayed after the wedding details, as an addendum for providing more information. You can add as many QR codes as you like, but I would suggest you try to limit the amount visible on a page to one or two, so it doesn’t visually clutter the wedding invitation.

Common mistakes with QR codes

Not testing on your own phone first

Always be sure to try out the QR code on your own phone before sending your wedding invitations off to the printers. This will ensure it’s functioning correctly and the URL is correct.

Not enough contrast

The color you choose for the QR code should have high contrast, to make it quickly identifiable when scanning on a phone.

Cropping or overlapping graphic elements

Make sure the whole QR code is displayed on its own, and has nothing overlapping it, to ensure it will be successfully scanned by the phone.

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